Take urgent action to combat Climate Change and its impacts!

Let’s take urgent action to make a positive change today for a better future for the adults of tomorrow and for all of our fellow earthlings!

These lessons will support teachers who would like to develop learning about Climate Change in Citizenship or PSHE lessons.

The focus is on the Sustainable Development Goal 13. We offer reliable and accurate facts that will help build knowledge and make the pupils reflect on how they may be contributing to the problem and how they could be part of the solution.

Young people are growing increasingly concerned at how Climate Change may impact their future. Many have been inspired by Greta Thunberg the 16 year old political activist from Sweden who has given rise to a worldwide student strike movement.

The resources and learning activities develop pupils’ critical thinking skills. Pupils will start to understand the human consequences of Climate Change and the immediate need for the world to take action, starting on an individual level. The focus of discussion activities is on pupils’ own experiences, how they live their lives, make choices and how these can have both positive and negative consequences.

The lessons enable them to reflect on their legacy on the planet, they are topical and relate to current global conversations on the impact of Climate Change.

Areas looked at in the lessons include:

  • Is Climate Change really taking place?
  • What are the different viewpoints on Climate Change?
  • What kind of legacy do I want to leave for my grandchildren?
  • What is my carbon footprint?
  • How do my choices around food impact on the planet?
  • How does Climate Change impact on communities in other parts of the world? (A case study of the Marshall Islands).
  • How does Climate Change impact on the habitats of animals such as Orangutans?
  • Can I be part of a generation of change that does things in a different way to preserve the future of our planet?

Case studies are used so that pupils can get a feel for real world experiences.

An integral part of these lessons is the inclusion of the voice of scientists such as Professor Stephen Hawking speaking about the value of the Global Goals.

In addition pupils learn about the impact of the use of Palm Oil on animal habitats, the impact of rising sea levels on communities such as the Marshall Islands and the contribution their choice of food makes towards climate change and rising temperatures.

Key ideas explored:

This unit will help pupils explore the moral and ethical choices we make each day as we go about our lives.

Pupils will be given time to reflect and develop ideas about how to practically apply their knowledge to future decisions around travelling, heating homes, eating food and looking after the planet.

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