How do we help pupils understand the issue of International Inequalities?

Let’s take action to address issues linked to inequality and start to consider how problems linked to inequality can be addressed.

These lessons will help teachers support pupils as they find out about global inequality.

They will find out about the difference between absolute and relative poverty and understand what is meant by quality of life. Students will learn about the impact of inequality on the provision of high quality education, health services and how it can have consequences for the environment.

The aim of these materials is to provide ideas for Key stage 3 and 4 teachers to address issues linked to inequality and start to consider how problems linked to inequality can be addressed. Concern with addressing poverty is an issue for many world-wide organisations. The World Bank states that they are looking to address the “need to find an economic growth model that’s inclusive, that lifts up the poorest citizens rather than maintains those at the top”. The lessons are closely linked to all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and it is intended that lessons on these world challenges will get pupils to engage with the future we want for our planet and global humanity. Goal 10 ‘reducing inequality within and among countries’ is a key focus.

Areas looked at in the lessons include:

  • Global inequality and current trends
  • The impact of absolute and relative poverty
  • The repercussion of inequality on health and the need for good healthcare systems
  • With an additional focus on the connection between global inequality and environmental issues

Case studies are used to explore campaigns aimed at increasing global awareness of the impact of inequality.

Pupils will learn about the work of Oxfam, the benefits of Fairtrade and the work of the UN in raising global awareness of the ten main threats to global health in 2019 and beyond.

Key ideas explored: 

Lessons use pupils’ own experience of inequality helping them to understand recent and historical trends.

They get to understand how relative poverty affects people in our country and absolute poverty is an issue today in some continents despite improvements globally. They will get to examine the rise of homelessness in Britain and discuss possible solutions.

Pupils will explore the benefits to countries of having good health care systems and will consider how these can be developed to support growing populations. Lesson activities will help to encourage pupils to develop their empathy and problem solving skills.

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